Silk – airy and light, the original luxury

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exotic orchids
lustrous pearls
sensuous silks
lipofilling effects

Sensuous silks

Silk unraveled from a cocoon has been a precious mystery since the East was ancient. One of the very first luxuries, silk has expanded empires, crossed continents and defined royalties. Enriched with essential amino acids and abundant in vitamin E, the nourishment offered by silk is unsurpassed in skincare applications

  • Hydrates and protects the skin
  • Nourishes the skin with essential amino acids and vitamin E
  • Incredibly close composition to human skin allows the formula to reach deep into pores to revitalize and enliven skin
  • Balances pH and has a gentle antibacterial quality
  • Softens skin for a smooth, youthful feel and look
  • Natural UV ray protection