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 The effects of age…

Like a string of pearls that lose their luster without proper care, the suppleness and radiance of a woman’s skin can fade as she ages, naturally loosing its glow, softness, and healthy color. The loss of her skin’s volume and density result in wrinkles, lines, and slack, sagging skin. Creases and dull, rough complexions can also tarnish the glow of a woman’s youth. 

Many factors contribute to changes in a woman’s complexion:
  • glycation (bonding) of proteins to sugar molecules—this process not only dulls the skin, but also causes uneven skin tones, loss of suppleness, and decreased luminosity. 

  • flattening of the sinusoidal dermo-epidermal interface—during this process, collagen flattens, and the skin becomes as much as 6% thinner each year

  • aging skin looses its elasticity and the population of adipocytes (fat cells) in the skin decreases, causing the loss of volume in areas of the face. The loss of its volume and elasticity, can cause wrinkles, crease, lines, and a sagging or hollow appearance. 

But for women who wish to retain the youthful glow and radiance of their youth, there is a solution

Non-surgical lipofilling – the surgery-free secret to eternal youth…Lipofilling is a surgical procedure that restores volume and vitality to the face by transferring fat to the cheeks, chin, or other area where wrinkles and creases make the skin appear slack - from another area of the body by injection, to restore volume and radiance to aging skin.

But why rely on invasive procedures with potential complications and side effects?  
Marek Hewryk’s line gives you the pure, vivacious skin that exudes the glow of your beautiful soul.

Nature has the solution: Our intensive research has created an innovative formula of natural ingredients that work with each other and your skin’s natural balance for products that are not only the most luxurious, but also the most effective. Marek Hewryk’s unique formulations contain key ingredients derived from natural extracts that are high in vitamins, and possess detoxifying and antioxidant properties. These key ingredients create a lipofilling effect without the invasive procedures, with the immediate results your discerning tastes demand.
  • Inhibits gylcation reaction by up to 79%

  • Increases adipocytes by up to 136%

  • Smoothes the micro-depressionary network by up to 16%, for softer skin

  • Skin appears up to 75% more radiant,  clarity improves by up to 81%


From Marek Hewryk comes luxurious skin care products for women that plump, firm, and rejuvenate skin, honoring your timeless beauty. Put your best face forward with age-defying elixirs that provide the dramatic results of lipofilling without the risk of invasive procedures and concerning side effects.

Revel in the luxury, revitalize in a moment: Marek Hewryk’s products create the most indulgent experiences in skin care - with instant results.

  • Promote cell renewal, replenishing the fresh-faced volume or your youth.
  • Restore clarity and evens skin tone for a fresh radiance.
  • Revitalize your skin and boosts luminosity for a dazzling, fresh glow.
  • Give your skin the silky feel and vivacious appearance.

    Return to your youthful radiance.    Travel back in time.      Restore the work of art within…

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